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MyVoc is a kind of a smart notebook of online exercises. It offers a multitude of activities so you can practice and master new vocabulary, new expressions and new grammatical structures in no time.

The perfect addition to any training

MyVoc is the perfect support for any training course (group lessons, private lessons , e-learning , telephone courses). Used regularly , it helps to optimize retention of new material and therefore, reduce training costs.

An efficient approach

Fun and interactive, MyVoc offers an adaptive approach to learning. This approach ensures fast memorisation and the strengthening of weaknesses, so face-to-face formulas add value and focus on what's important: improving oral expression.

A diverse range of exercises

Several types of exercises and questions are offered to move smoothly through the steps necessary for learning new words / phrases / structures: familiarization, exercises developing the passive knowledge and finally, activities made to master an active and spontaneous use of the language.

An answer to all your needs

Standard content based on the European Framework (for A0, A1, A2 and B1 levels) , combined with tailored lexicons by our team of teachers, MyVoc provides a practical and easy answer to implement training, regardless of needs and level.

Progressive e-learning

Besides the exercises proposed by MyVoc, each user is able to create their own lists and their own exercises. This work is extremely simple and fast. It helps the learner to progress naturally through activities based on their own learning journey.

A platform behind you

Accessible from any browser, MyVoc follows you wherever you go. Don't have time to connect? No problem, thanks to the Push-Email feature, MyVoc can regularly email you, a random selection of exercises.