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NEW ELAO WEBSITE: https://www.elao-test.com/en/home

eLAO (Efficient Language Assessment Online) is an evaluation platform available on the internet.

eLAO has been developed to meet many needs:

  • reliably testing the level of candidates' training
  • providing a rapid evaluation process, independent from the availability of the trainers
  • collecting useful information for the development of targeted and optimized language training (needs, weaknesses, etc ...)
  • reduce internal costs related to the evaluation (trainers' fees as well as administration fees)

On the cutting edge of innovation

eLAO is based on an adaptive concept which, thanks to the automatic adjustment of the level of questions:

  • minimizes their number
  • measures precisely the knowledge level of a person while giving him an impression of success, whatever his level is

An objective evaluation

 The level of those tested is determined objectively and independently. It is based on quantifiable criteria by a team of trainers and teachers.

This system (levels of difficulty of the questions) has been developed over more than 15 years and is based on frequency lists. These frequency lists have been thoroughly tested in adult language teaching on over 30 000 people.

An accurate platform

The level scale used by eLAO comes from the European Reference levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) to which we have added sub-levels to increase accuracy. This allows us to precisly measure the progress of the participants after a training and therefore give an accurate ROTI (Return On Training Investment) evaluation.

A reliable and recognized system

eLAO is used by organisations like Forem, Actiris, VDAB, Belgium National Bank, Belgacom, Techspace Aero, SNCF, Deloitte, as well as many French universities.

Statistic studies performed by Forem have shown a reliability of 86% ( calculated on 18.000 evaluations with a maximum deviation of half a level between eLAO and the oral level).

Quick workable results

All data relating to evaluations are accessible in real time through a custom reporting module developed for each client. This information is exploited to organize targeted training when recruiting staff and / or to make a language skill table.

Custom needs analysis

In addition to the assessment of language levels, ELAO also makes it easy to collect the training objectives and needs of each person tested. This needs analysis is conducted through a questionnaire on language use and situations and is fully customizable.

Useful information

  • languages tested: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French
  • interface languages: English, Dutch, German, French
  • access: via any internet browser, without any additional software
  • content: active and passive vocabulary, general and professional knowledge, grammatical structures, listening
  • operating system: a random choice from a database of over 800 questions per language