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Boost your communication skills

Date de publication: 
Monday, November 27, 2017 - 16:14

This highly effective immersion week plunges the participants into an intense linguistic bath. This formula is tailor-made for motivated people wishing to make rapid progress and improve their oral skills.

We offer:

  • a cycle of 10 half days according to your calendar
  • intensive courses: a practical non-stop language
  • an individual formula so you can benefit from the exclusive attention of your trainer
  • a fully customized training program: assessment of your level, detailed analysis of your needs, use of specific documents relevant to your company and your position
  • VIP approach: high-end coaching combines flexibility, comfort, skill and energy
  • Training methodology that aims at long-term retention with advanced technological tools such MyVoc, e-learning, sending personalized exercise after immersion.


English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian,...

Training location

Non-residential immersion at our office in Barchon


Lessons spread over a week or more depending on your requirements and availability.

  • Full Immersion: 4 days (7:30 each) to plan over a week or two
  • Light Immersion: 10 half days (3 hours each) to plan over two or three weeks
  • Flexi immersion: you plan your immersion over a few weeks so as not to disrupt your schedule


Contact-us: 04.387.86.66, or via this form