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Language Audit

The solution for relevant and targeted training

What is a language audit?

Communication is central to our business relationships. For this to be effective, it is essential to diagnose the language strengths and weaknesses within the company.

A combined analysis for current and future needs allows us to offer a range of training solutions taking into account not only the goals of individuals but also those of the organization in which language learning is implemented.

The primary purpose of an audit is therefore to identify and define the needs of the business and its components, but also to evaluate the foreign language potential of the teams.

A language audit will then enable the company to offer training solutions / learning that meet all the analysed components.


The language audit in 5 steps:

  1. Discovery of the company, its activities, its customer / supplier relationships / partners and training programs in the past.
  2. Detailed assessment of language skills through eLAO (our adaptive platform of levels evaluation).
  3. Interviews with managers and staff to identify professional skills that you need to acquire or that have been mastered, as well as individuals communication objectives and obstacles.
  4. Analysis of sector, region or national subsidies that can be mobilized to facilitate the training.
  5. Recommendations and offers for an action plan by department, team and / or individual.



  • Objectivity
  • Speed: a 15 minutes interview per person
  • Reliability: thanks to eLAO, our level evaluation platform
  • Detailed results: a dashboard with recommended skills
  • Free: A language audit is offered for free and without any commitment.


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