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Blended learning

A flexible formula for personalized and independent learning with the support of a trainer / coach.

The concept

A combination of individual custom-made video-conferencing lessons and exercises given by the trainer to be completed on online learning platforms, such as Wallangues.

Video-conferencing lessons focus on oral language practice, enabling accelerated learning according to the professional goals of the student.

The complementary self-training on e-learning platforms allow learners to learn at their own pace outside individual sessions under the guidance of the trainer / coach.

E-learning platforms

These sites offer a dynamic and interactive learning approach, combining essential elements in learning a language and for efficient progress in all language skills essential for communication: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and speaking. The online courses are interactive and are based on realistic situations in daily life and work.


Dutch, English, German and French
Target level : A1 A2 B1 B2


Video-training: the trainee doesn't have to go anywhere. The trainer can call him/her on at home or on their workplace.


10 sixty-minute sessions / 1 session per week scheduled in advance.


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