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Learning is a creative process.

At Accent, we are constantly in questioning, innovating and developing new tools, which are put at your disposal.

These tools not only help evolve the way to learn a foreign language but also make your training course both original and complex.

The training journey is focused on acquiring and the mastering skills

  • taking into account the different learning styles of the participants
  • working on communicational skills
  • integrating the working environment into the learning process

The didactic material is created for and around the participant

  • it is practical, concrete and adapted to the needs of the company.
  • a large range of materials (paper, vocabulary lists, podcasts, etc.) stimulate the learning process

The e-supported learning tools (MyVoc, mementos, ...) offer a dynamic learning cocktail and this increases the participant’s exposure to the language.

Accent uses their creativity and sense of innovation in order to stimulate, motivate and guarantee efficiency and results.