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The intensive “Enjoy and Learn” training course: Targeted training for those who want to progress quickly!

Personalized training and in-depth contextualization

The length of the sessions allows for comprehensive situational exercises adapted to your professional profile with specific vocabulary for each sector of activity.

Get your Summer Box

To help you stay focused throughout the training course, you will receive a Summer Box containing goodies and local products to nibble on at home or with us in the classroom.
*Local products may vary depending on availability.




Why choose the intensive “Enjoy and learn” training course?

  • Continuous support from the trainer: oral expression is at the heart of the approach, even during breaks, so you can work on formal and informal aspects of the language.
  • Flexible module: you practice the language for 5 x 3 hours at your own pace, either via video-conference or face-to-face.
  • Start the virtuous circle: as in sport, the more a participant practices, the more they enjoy practicing.
  • Price: 990€ (VAT not included) for an individual course. Group formula pricing can be provided on request

* Training vouchers and other subsidies are accepted in compliance with current eligibility rules. The “Enjoy and learn” intensive training course offer is valid from 1/06/2022 to 17/09/2022

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