Quentin Naveau, notre conseiller en formation linguistiquePublished on 22 September 2023 by Quentin


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Since its creation nearly 30 years ago, Accent Languages has become renowned for its expertise in B2B language training. This longevity can be explained by our passion for language teaching and our commitment to developing innovative learning solutions by placing participants at the heart of our approach.

Are you a foreign language trainer or a native speaker interested in teaching your mother tongue? Are you ready to take on a new challenge and join a passionate team?

Here are five reasons why should become an Accent Languages trainer:

  1. People at the forefront

Providing our participants with a learning experience that is enjoyable, tailored to their needs and effective is at the heart of our efforts. We provide them with personalised support so that they can make the most of their training journey and develop their knowledge serenely.

  1. A professional and committed team

‘Team’ is the keyword here. The Accent Languages team is made up of professionals who are committed to continuing education, but they also people who share our values, who are curious and enthusiastic, who are open to debate and discussion, and who are ready to take on new challenges!

  1. Flexibility

Depending on your availability and your personal and professional plans, Accent Languages offers a range of options: working as a freelancer or as an employee via Smart. Our trainers can hold sessions at their own premises, another suitable location, Accent’s offices in Barchon or their participants’ workplace depending on their preferences.

Trainers’ schedules are organised according to the time they wish to devote to our company while respecting other requirements and their work/life balance.

  1. Personalised onboarding and guidance

Upon their arrival at Accent, our new colleagues are trained in our methodology by our Teaching Manager and are supported by our in-house team in the practical organisation of their courses. New trainers also have access to teaching resources and course materials tailored to the needs of their learners through our database that is regularly updated.

  1. Fair pay and a friendly working environment

Respect is an important value at Accent Languages. Offering remuneration that respects the work, skills and commitment of our employees is part of our DNA.

We are also convinced that, in addition to fair pay, recognition of the work accomplished is essential. With this in mind, we regularly organise team-building events, which are sometimes educational, but they may also be simply fun and friendly 🙂

We are currently seeking English, German and Dutch language trainers. Interested? Apply now…